Intermodal Trucking

What is intermodal Freight Trucking? 
Intermodal shipping uses two or more modes of transportation, such as trucking and a train, to transport goods from the shipper to the consignee without having to change the container the goods are being shipped in at any point .

How does GlobeEx Freight offers Intermodal trucking? 
Our Freight experts at GlobeEx Freight systems have a strong network of Intermodal Truckers across USA, and Canada, we have been specializing in door moves for Import & Export containers for the past 22 years. With the conditions in the freight world today, there is a ton of congestion at the ports and terminals, trying to arrange pick-up's and return containers can become very time consuming. Our Investment in technology, combined with our experience has simplified the process for us, so you can focus on growing your business while we handle your intermodal shipment. Feel free to contact us now to get a Free quote within 24/hours. 


 Benefits of Intermodal Trucking 

1. Provides cost saving
Intermodal shipping is a great option for businesses that are shipping freight long distances, such as internationally. In most cases, the greater the shipping distance, the more opportunities a business will have to save money by using this service. 

2. Improves shipment safety
Since intermodal shipping does not require goods to be transferred from one container to another, this type of freight shipping works to protect the products from coming into contact with a wide range of different substances. 

3. Offers an Environmentally friendly option
Using intermodal shipping can help lower your business carbon footprint by allowing you to select the eco-friendliest modes of transportation. 

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