About Us

Who Are we? 
GlobeEx Freight Systems is a family owned business founded 23 years ago in Toronto Canada. We now have offices in Canada, USA, and India. We are based out of Mississauga Ontario, where we have a 30,000 Sq Ft bonded warehouse. GlobeEx is currently being managed by the founder, the founders family, and dedicated Freight experts that are part of our team. We love what we do here at GlobeEx, and we pay attention to detail, we hope you trust us in moving your freight soon. 

What is our speciality? 
GlobeEx Freight systems specializes in Cargo movement from USA, Canada, and India. The territory of USA, Canada, and India have been our speciality for the last 23 years, and our relationships with the steam-ship lines and truckers in this areas are has been very strong, and continues to trend in an upward direction. We specialize in door move deliveries from all ports in USA and Canada. We offer 24/7 client support between our 3 offices, so one of our Freight Experts will always be able to support you with your cargo movement. We can give you a freight quote within 24/hrs once you have spoken to one our reps, and once they have documented all the required details regarding your shipment. 

Why choose us? 
GlobeEx Freight Systems has special Tier 1 rates with Steamship lines spanning USA, Canada, and India, so we can guarantee the best rates.We have a strong network of Intermodal truckers across USA and Canada. We have Custom clearance service in USA & Canada, along with CHA clearance service in India. 

GlobeEx Freight Systems USA 
We have our own FMC Number for all your cargo movements in & out of the USA. We also offer House bill of lading service for all your cargo in & out of the USA. Lastly, we file 10+2, and provide our clients ISD filing for all your cargo being imported into the USA. 

GlobeEx Freight Systems Canada
We do E-Manifesting filing for Canadian import cargo & B-13 for all Canadian Export cargo. As mentioned above, we have our own 30,000 Sq Ft bonded warehouse located in Mississauga Ontario minutes away from Pearson Airport.

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