USA Service Documentation

FMC Bill Of Lading:
What is the FMC? The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) is the independent federal agency responsible for regulating the U.S International ocean transportation system for the benefit of U.S.A exporters, importers and the U.S Consumer.

GlobeEx Freight Systems has its own FMC Registration #021126N

AMS Filing
What is AMS Filing? AMS is an automated manifest system and it is filed with CBP (Customs Border Protection), 72 hours prior to the vessel sailing. 

AMS Is filed with GlobeEx Freight Systems HBL number, and GlobeEx's SCAC Code GXFN

AES Filing
What is AES Filing? AES is an automated export system and is filed with CBP (Customs Border Protection). AES is filed with GlobeEx Freight Systems EIN Number 4555333561

ISF (10+2) Filing 



In-House USA Custom clearance

Canada Service Documentation 

CAED Filing 
What is CAED Filing?
CAED is an automated export declaration and it is filed with the CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency). CAED is filed with GlobeEx Freight Systems Authorization ID # TA6960

In-house Canada Custom clearance 
What is in house Canada Custom clearance? It includes the formation and submission of documentation needed to help the export procedure of imports into the country. Describing the clients, Customs examination, evaluation of goods, payment of duty, and lastly delivery cargo after clearance with required documents.

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